Opening of the website Neuropatick

May 23, 2019

“NeuroPaTick” (Neuro – Neurophysiology, Pa – Pathogens, Tick – Tick) is a new area in tick research established for the first time in the UMR-BIPAR (Anses, ENVA, INRA). This research direction merges the innovative approaches examining the interaction of tick neuropeptide signaling system with the pathogens entering tick body. Specifically, we hypothesize that pathogen benefit from manipulation of tick neuropeptidome to ensure their survival, dissemination, reproduction and transmission. Our approach aims to uncover for the first time the vulnerable spots in tick physiology, subsequently leading to the development of better control measures of these medically important arthropods and the pathogens they transfer.
Besides the common research direction NeuroPaTick group investigates multiple fascinating aspects of tick  biology and their interactions with the fluctuating environments.